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February's Dancer of the Month - Lois Wright

Continuing with our Dance of the month awards, it is a huge pleasure to announce our February Dancer of the Month goes to Lois Wright. Lois Wright has been with Dancexite for over a year and is a phenomenal dancer in every style of dance she applies herself to, but she has recently really taken her training up a notch practicing daily at home and making huge improvements in her dance during Lockdown which we are really proud of. As well as the work she has put into her training, she also entered the New Hope Dance Challenge online competition in which she placed first with her solo & duo with her dance partner Eduardo, and also was chosen as a top 8 dancer for the Invasion online battles competition from dancers all over the world which has been an incredible achievement.

Read more about what our girl Lois has to say:

When did you start dance? I started dancing with Dancexite in December 2019 and joined DX Force in January 2020

Why do you dance? Because I love to dance

What are your goals in dance? My goals would to keep pushing my self to get better and carry on competing

What is your favourite style of dance? Litefeet and contemporary

What is your favourite moment at Dancexite? My favourite moment is when we did UDO in February 2020 and came first in teams.

Well done Lois for being our February Dancer of the Month - who will our March award be going to?



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